Everything in Paris Means Something

Day 2 of Paris: we explored a little of the Ile de la Cite, stepped into Saint-Chapelle de Paris, and took a lovely boat tour down the Sienne.

The interesting thing about these adventures was the symbolism hiding in every inch meter of this city.

I’ve been through a few cities in the USA: particularly Fredericksburg, VA and Washington, D.C., and never noticed the level of symbolism that I am seeing here in this city. So I’m asking myself why. From my lessons I know that D.C. is a city fair riddled with symbolism, and yet I’m ignorant of most of it. Is it because I take it for granted? Or am I more cognizant of the symbols in Paris because they’re being semi-aggressively pointed out to me at every corner? Maybe it’s a mish-mash.

For instance, on our boat tour there were statues and images on almost every bridge we went under (of course, some of them were clearly for water-traffic and didn’t need explaining). Like the Paris coat of arms, which I would’ve assumed to just be pretty decoration. This is actually a symbol of Paris & all of France (but mostly Paris), meant to signify to visiting statesmen “We are Legion Paris, and we are the best”

I’m sure by the end of our trip I’ll scoff at my own naivety in writing this post 😉

Here are the day’s pictures:

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