There’s a Difference Between “Alone” and “Lonely”

I have clinical depression. I take good meds for it so I don’t normally show major symptoms. However, every now and then I still get what I call “the sads.” Basically I become more fatigued, more irritable, and more anxious. It’s a great combination.

Yesterday I woke up with a serious case of the sads. It was about 2pm (Paris time), and my roommate was on the way out the door for a shopping excursion with a few of our classmates.

I was alone. But I wasn’t just alone: I was lonely. I felt starved for intellectual and social interaction. I felt like I was undesirable and nobody would want to be with me anyway. I felt like I didn’t matter.

None of this is new, of course, as anyone else with depression and anxiety can tell you. But that doesn’t make the feelings any less significant.

So, feeling lonely and worthless, I did something unusual: I got up and left instead of moping around. I decided I was going to go do some shopping for things I needed, and screw the buddy system because “nobody wants to be with me/would miss me anyways”

It’s fortunate that exercise – like walking – does neat things to your brain; thanks endorphins! Similarly, chatting with friendly shopkeepers diminishes feelings of isolation, worthlessness, and social deprivation. I had a genuinely good time out shopping by myself, and even found a few of the things that were on my list!

I’m still not sure what brought on my sads, and I’m not entirely sure what cured them. I’m just glad they’re gone, and I got a good adventure out of the mix.

2 thoughts on “There’s a Difference Between “Alone” and “Lonely””

  1. Awesome. Knowing that I’m not alone in still experiencing “the sads” even though I’m on meds makes it all feel a bit more hopeful!
    You are right on about activity kicking “the sads” but!!! Thanks to my dogs, there’s rarely a day that I don’t get at least one mile in.
    My brain and I thank you for sharing ❤️

  2. Thanks for sharing this. You’re right on with your observations! So many people feel that way, but don’t share it. And the ” cure” was brilliant….get out of your head and engage with others. Easier said then done when you’re feeling depressed, but it really helps! Love you!!

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