I got a puppy!

On May 31, me & my mom picked up this little booger in Fayetteville, TN:

Meet Huygens the Keeshond!

From the moment we got him home that evening, he’s been such an integral part of my life I honestly can’t believe I’ve lived without him before now! He’s rambunctious, boisterous, silly, and incredibly loving.

There are a lot of things that I was only kind of prepared for as far as having a new puppy… I knew that chewing would be a thing, and that we’d have super regular potty breaks. But I didn’t know how devoted he would be to me almost immediately: for the first few days I couldn’t leave him (or even be more than 3-4 feet from him) without him spazzing! Even now, he follows me around like a duckling after their mother.

Of course, I’ve had a few stumbling blocks already. Getting him to sleep through the night (still a work in progress), encouraging him to chew on his toys instead of my feet, and sitting nicely in the car so we can go on rides to name a few. But they’re all part of the experience of raising this little fluffnugget and we’ll tackle these challenges together

Already having him at home has been such a boon to my mental health. All of my sullenness is gone; and while I’m still a bit lethargic, I’m sure that can just be attributed to how tired this little guy makes me!

All in all, this is the perfect way to start our 12-14 – and hopefully more! – year long journey through life together. I can’t wait to see what shenanigans he gets into tomorrow ♥