Lipstick is Magic

In the past 6 months I’ve been wearing a lot more makeup than I used to. I started buying real primer, foundation, powder, brushes, and even a few eyeshadow palettes. But I avoided lipstick. I thought it was “too much” – too gaudy, too bold. Plus, it was so hard to keep my lips hydrated with it!

Then at the end of February my sister sent me a text. To paraphrase, “Hey! My favorite lipstick is half off at Sephora!” I decided I could afford two $9 lipsticks from Urban Decay. I figured, what the hell, if I don’t like them I can just bring them back. So of course I got two of the craziest ones I could find – “Big Bang,” a hot pink glitter and “Voodoo,” an ultra dark purple (basically black) with pink glitter in it.

And it turns out? I like them. A lot. I started buying more lipstick, and wearing it every day. The formula feels good, like I’m not wearing anything but a thick balm. I don’t have to reapply all day.

I started taking an abundance of selfies. I started checking myself out in mirrors everywhere I went. I was (and am) just so super happy with how they look on me.

Lipstick is a magical confidence potion. And I’m so upset at myself for not really giving it a shot sooner.